To keep leather items looking good you’ll need to do very little, this material really is made to last.

The first thing to know about leather is that it remains supple thanks to its natural oils. Care for your leather items by applying a leather balm once a year (more often for shoes and belts), working a small amount of product into the leather using a soft cloth and circular motions. Choose a balm that is made of natural oils and waxes for the best results (carnauba wax and beeswax are two star ingredients to keep an eye out for).

If you live somewhere humid, it’s also good to give your leather garments some time in the sun come Spring. This will help to keep any mould at bay, which can be an issue in natural leather.

Generally speaking, leather and water don’t go well together. If your leather gets wet, lay it flat and allow to dry naturally. Once dry, apply a natural leather wax to keep your goods from becoming stiff or developing cracks.

The oily base of leather helps to keep grime and stains at bay, so that any dirt can be easily wiped off (the sooner the better). If you need to, you can use a wet cloth to gently press on a stain.

If you have a leather garment that needs more in-depth cleaning, take it to a specialist dry cleaner.