I’m Baukjen, Founder and Creative Director. I was born in Amsterdam and raised in London where I still live. I’m named after my Dutch grandmother, Riemke Baukjen. She was always called Riemke. I’m also called Riemke Baukjen but my parents decided to call me Baukjen day to day. Many customers tell me they don’t know how to pronounce my name. Don’t worry, hardly anybody does. If you would like to know how my name is pronounced, just watch this video
Isabella Oliver launched after Oliver was born. We wanted to design a maternity collection that fits properly, with no sizing up needed, and that flatters your changing body throughout pregnancy. It also had to be of premium quality so that it would last all nine months and beyond. During Sebastian and Pippa’s pregnancies I lived in our maternity collection and enjoyed the comfort and effortless styles.

Our family-run business is also home to sister brand Baukjen, which is our contemporary womenswear brand which we launched years after Isabella Oliver.

Besides buying new, we also offer rental, subscription and pre-loved so you can choose how you shop with us.

We have always found it important that the people who make our clothes are well paid and work in factories that look after their staff, but it was only years later when we realised the impact the fashion industry has on our planet. It dawned on us that, while we believe in business as a force for good, we were actually participating in one of the planet’s most harmful industries. That was never our plan. So, we decided to do everything we could to make a positive difference, not just with our brands but for the whole fashion sector as well. You can read more here. We didn’t do this alone of course, the team and our suppliers have been involved all the way.

However, it’s not just about fibres and fabrics. As a company, we’ve halved the carbon footprint associated with an average garment from 2019 to present and reduced our water usage by even more, by working with our supply chain and making improvements through collaborations. These have also impacted wages, labour conditions and ethics standards. We’ve won a United Nations Global Climate Action Award, a first for a fashion brand.

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