• Rent signature and new season pieces for 2 weeks at a time.

  • Returns are free of charge and hassle free. We even take care of the washing!

  • Repeat it all over again! Rental gives you a flexible, chic wardrobe and we ensure clothing doesn’t end up in landfill.
  • Circular Use
    You are contributing to the circular economy by sharing your clothes with others and increasing the use of each item. This is especially important for items like occasionwear that might otherwise only be worn once or twice.

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    Give clothes a second life and shop our Pre-Loved collection.

  • 50% of proceeds from Pre-Loved sales are donated to Oxfam to support their work defeating global poverty.
  • All donated garments are carefully checked and washed in our eco-friendly Ozone Room before being approved for re-sale.

  • Reduce waste by donating your worn items and receive a £20 voucher to spend at our sister brand Baukjen.

  • Donate your unwanted Isabella Oliver garments to be loved again by someone else.
  • De-clutter: make space in your wardrobe and your mind.
  • We pass any garments that cannot be resold to Oxfam who follow good recycling practices.
  • Circular Use
    Our clothes are designed to last but your style and needs might change. Help us extend the lifecycle of our garments and reduce waste by shopping and donating Pre-Loved pieces that we will re-love or recycle sustainably.

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    Build a chic maternity wardrobe from our latest collection, designed with comfort and support in mind.

  • Swap styles and sizes as you progress through pregnancy.

  • Return unwanted items at the end of your subscription or buy your favourite pieces with 30% off.

  • Subscribing reduces the number of garments produced and prevents unnecessary waste.
  • Circular Use
    Instead of buying maternity clothes only to retire them a year later, subscription maximises the energy and material used in production. Your maternity wardrobe needs to be comfortable, supportive, and make you feel good, but it doesn’t need to be yours forever.

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