At Isabella Oliver, we are passionate about extending the lifespan of maternity clothes and reducing the amount of clothing that goes to landfill. That is why we not only have a Rental Collection, but we also have a Pre-Loved Initiative that means you can send your maternity clothing back to us to be re-loved, re-purposed and re-cycled. When it comes to maternity clothing, we believe in buying less, renting more and investing in high quality essentials. This is why we have partnered with writer and speaker, Katherine Ormerod, to show you how one timeless maternity dress can see you through multiple pregnancies.

“I’ve been pregnant at some point every year for the past five years – 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and I will be in 2021. I wear a lot of non-maternity clothes and really believe in buying things that will work with your body on the way up and way back down from pregnancy, but there are also those pieces of maternity wear which have plugged gaps and acted like a lynchpin for my wardrobe over these years. The Grayson Dress by Isabella Oliver is a prime contender.”

“I have without a doubt worn it 100 times over three pregnancies and it’s such good quality that it looks just a great now as it did back in 2017. It also makes me feel really good, which at seven months along is quite the feat and that’s because it’s just cut so well.”

“For anyone concerned about the cost per wear investment, you’ll also find a Pre-Loved and Rental sections on site, so even if you don’t spend five years pregnant like me, you will be able to enjoy a piece like this dress, get great use from it and then either send it back or return it to the circular economy.”

“Here are a few snaps from the past years, with me and my dress all around the world.”

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