The Conversation - Gila Polak

Fashion director and mama, Gila Polak, lets us in on her maternity styling tips, best mama-to-be advice and how she's learning to balance the work/mama lifestyle.


Congratulations on your pregnancy! How are you feeling compared to your first?

Thank you! Feeling very much the same in terms of the actual pregnancy but the tiredness has definitely increased, given the little 3 year old girl of mine who demands a lot attention!

Is your daughter excited to be a sister?

She is SO excited. She definitely thinks it's her child as she is already plotting how she will be 'putting the baby to sleep'. I'm sure (/hoping) she will be a great help too.

How do you think you’ll find the transition to a family of 4 instead of 3?

It's definitely going to be a hard one! I've heard it's a hard transition to go from 1-2 but at least we won't be outnumbered!

Who or what inspires you as a mother?

Seeing my little girl Sienna grow into such a gorgeous independent girl! I still can't believe she's mine or how quickly the last 3.5 years have gone.

How do you find juggling the work/mama balance?

It's definitely a challenge as I work 5 days a week and it will be a lot harder when she goes to pre-school in September and finishes earlier in the afternoon. However, I absolutely love my job and I'm so pleased I have been able to be there for Sienna and work full time!

Do you find it hard to keep your work and home lives separate?

I am always on emails, so it is challenging to completely shut off!

As a Fashion Director, you must be so excited to start passing down your expertise to your daughter? Is she a mini fashionista yet?

She absolutely LOVES fashion - which is great but also isn't easy at times. She sometimes goes through about 4-5 outfits in a day and raids her closet for outfit changes... but she is totally a fashionista already!

What’s it like working for Hello! Magazine?

It’s really amazing working for such a prestigious magazine with such a great heritage. The team is fab, and the positive ethos of the magazine is so strong and makes it easy to love working here. 6 years later and still loving it.

How did you get into your role?

I've always loved fashion and talking so the mix of writing fashion pages and speaking to clients on a daily basis about partnering with the HELLO! brand was the perfect role for me!

How did you find being a new mum? And how has that changed now you’re expecting again?

One thing I learned with being a new mum is that you can never be 100% prepared, it is fully a process of learning on the job. I feel like I should find it easier this time round, but I'll keep you posted.

What would you say are the hardest pressures new mums have to face?

The do's/don'ts and comments from other mums. I fully believe in trusting your own instincts as a mum.

How would you describe your style? And has it differed to your maternity style?

My style is quite quirky and colourful. I have always loved colours, but I have found my wardrobe tone has dulled massively with this pregnancy, so I definitely need to spice it up again after! Isabella Oliver has definitely helped me feel comfortable this pregnancy... let's just say every woman - pregnant or not, needs to invest in a pair of the Isabella Oliver leggings!

Are there any new maternity tips/tricks/trivia that you have discovered this time round that are different to your first pregnancy?

During the first few months it's always flattering to add a belt just above the bump to any dress you are wearing to spruce up any maternity look! On a totally different note, never feel embarrassed to ask for a seat on public transport - trust me you need it more!

Any key tips you would like to pass on to new mamas and mamas-to-be?

Becoming a new mum is totally life changing but it is one of the best gifts in the world and always remember that, however hard it might seem at the beginning.

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