The Conversation - Antonia O'Brien

We caught up with stylist and presenter Antonia O'Brien about all things work, pregnancy and how she's styling her bump.


What does a typical day look like for you?

What I love about my job is that every day and week is different; I may be prepping for an in-store trend event, visiting a brand ahead of a collaboration or styling and shooting a content campaign.

What is the best thing about your job, and has your role changed at all since becoming pregnant?

I love working with people (as simple as that sounds) and I get to meet and work with so many different people through the different projects I work on. I've been lucky in that I've been able to work all the way through my pregnancy but it has become more challenging with my changing body shape and growing bump.

Have your beauty and exercise regimes changed since becoming pregnant? If so, how?

I just didn't feel like exercising in the first trimester, a combination of nausea and the heat wave meant I was pretty inactive. Since feeling better I've loved the calm pace of yoga and pre-natal fitness is brilliant for a proper endorphin-boosting workout - (FYI - Frame has the best offering of classes for Mumma's.) My beauty regime hasn't changed but now I take more time and really enjoy it, lighting candles, diffusing oils (lavender is a pregnancy must) and making my evening space feel really clean and calm.

On your blog you mention that you are quite the film fanatic! Has being pregnant allowed you to indulge
in lots of movie nights?

Oh you bet! I've loved staying in and watching happy, life-affirming and funny films with my husband; laughing is the best tonic for the trials and tribulations of how pregnancy really is.

How has your usual style changed now that you’re

My attitude to dressing throughout this time has been to stay true to
how I dress; for me where I've worn maternity wear has been when necessary i.e: the bump didn't zip into my jeans anymore. I don't
believe you have to change your style because you are pregnant or a mother, you just have to make a few adjustments.

Are there any items you are missing from your wardrobe that you can’t wait to wear again?

You know what, I really miss my waist, not because it was a favourite
part of my body but because it allowed me to wear tailoring, high-
waisted jeans and my beloved leather leggings; I'll be back in them
in 2019, I hope...

What fashion advice would you give for dressing while pregnant?

My advice is to invest in super-comfortable underwear (pay attention to the fabrication), gorgeous flat shoes that feel dressy when you can't wear heels and a great pair of jeans; this way you can still do you. Oh - and statement earrings to excite even the most simple outfits! Dress for yourself and comfort is key, if you stick to that advice you're golden!

What are the top 3 pieces of clothing you’ve relied on when dressing your bump?

I invested in some cropped and flared jeans at the beginning of my pregnancy and they've saved me when I've had an event and thought 'oh God nothing fits!' Just add a statement blazer, oversized earrings and you're dressed.

Quick Fire Round...

Current favourite food?

Mozzarella and pesto paninis

What are you watching on TV/Netflix right now?

I've gone back and caught up on Friends, yes, really...

Favourite fashion item while pregnant?

Soft jersey separates to make everything cosy.

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